Agreements and Invoices in German, Swedish and (tell us what’s next)

Now you can specify that your customer facing documents, like agreements and invoices, should be presented in a different language than English, which is the default language in RunMags.

German and Swedish – let us know what should be next

In order to save cost and pass those savings on to our publishers, we’ll try to maintain English as the language for the RunMags interface. We believe that the core of our potential customers know enough English to understand how to manage clients, set up deals and invoice with English menus and labels.

With that said, we do recognise that our customer’s clients may want to get their agreements and invoices presented in their local language. We want to make it easy for advertisers to buy from our clients and we can do that by removing as many obstacles as possible. Presenting proposals in English can be one such ab obstacle that make it difficult for the clients to buy.

To see how you can start selling and invoicing in German, Swedish or another language, please check out this article in our knowledge base.

Also, if you have the need for another language and have the capability to help us with a translation, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate that. Just contact us and we’ll make it happen!

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RunMags update – July 2017

FINALLY!!! It’s taken us much longer than anticipated to get our e-signature and credit card processing for ad sales out to you all. Now it’s here, available without extra charge for all existing RunMags customers!

Advertiser portal

While we have used the same secure and responsive portal framework that we introduced last year for subscription sales, we’ve been forced to rethink the process and workflow a few times to get it right. That’s why it has taken us so long to make it available to everyone.

Main features

  • Advertisers can view their proposals and confirm bookings online using e-signature
  • Advertisers can view their invoices and pay them using their credit card online
  • Multiple forms of authentication and a comprehensive transaction trail between signing parties
  • Secure and responsive
  • Uses the Stripe ( account that you already have set up to bill subscribers

How to use the Advertiser portals and e-signature

To get set up to use the Advertisers portal, please read this article in our knowledge base.

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RunMags updates – May 2017

Several minor production updates have been launched, making it easier to operate your publishing business. The two main feature adds this spring are your team now can be printing the flatplan to share it as well as improvements to the events module.

Printing the flatplan

It’s now possible to print the flat plan of a specific issue to see the laýout and to share it with bosses, colleagues and clients. In a digital world, most of your employees probably have access to RunMags, but for those few that don’t, printing the flatplan may ease things. Also, it may be so that you prefer to have it on a large piece of paper as opposed to your screen. To suit our global customer base, the flat plan can be printed in Tabloid as well as A3 format, in portrait and landscape:
Link to article in knowledge base

Extended Events functionality

Branch out with your publishing business, create business value for your clients and a new revenue stream for yourself. Events are a great way to do that. With the latest update, we have improved how you can set up your inventory to sell advertising and tickets. You can set up the events to accommodate several physical sections and also specific occasions at the event, like keynotes or breakout sessions. Check it out here:
Link to article in knowledge base

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RunMags updates – January 2017

We’d like to start the new year by announcing a major feature development that have come about during the past six months. During this time, we have stepped up the game with some large international publishers who have a need to do business in multiple currencies in several different countries.


Feel like selling inventory from several legal entities to the same clients available in the database? That is now possible:
Link to article in knowledge base


Doing business in different currencies on a deal by deal basis? That is now possible:
Link to article in knowledge base

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RunMags updates – September 2016

It’s time to announce some of the improvements we have launched lately. As you know, we continuously release updates and most you won’t even notice, but here are three updates that may cause confusion in case you’re not aware of them.

1 – Improved email integration using Oauth 2.0

In line with the major business email providers (Google, Microsoft, etc.) changing their security policies and updating delivery platforms, RunMags has moved to using Oauth 2.0 as the preferred authentication method. If you have been experiencing problems with email delivery when sending email from RunMags this may be your solution.

Please make sure you have all your RunMags users update their profile so that your emails reach the clients!

Link to article in knowledge base

2 – Better flexibility using different contacts in deals

When you create a deal, the default client contacts you have checked off to be the contacts for the advertising contract, any editorial content, the artwork as well as billing, still populates the new deal automatically.

In order to free up some space on the first page of the deal form, we have moved the contacts to the last tab in the deal form.

Link to article in knowledge base

3 – New tool for mass-updating client database

As employees change positions and new ones are onboarded, you can use a tool in RunMags to update account information. Do a simple seach for all Prospects in a certain state or country and assign them to the new sales rep.

Link to article in knowledge base

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What to expect from RunMags in 2016

2015 was a smashing year for RunMags and we wish all our customers a smashing 2016. Since our official software release in January 2015, magazine publishers in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Singapore and Australia have trusted us to help them manage their businesses.

Thinking back to our expectations when we launched, this was an unthinkable growth rate and I humbly thank all you who have opted to use RunMags. Launching a brand new software platform of RunMags’ magnitude is not an easy challenge, but I believe we have done a great job to start out with the fundamentals and stayed steady on our development course to add functionality requested by our customer base.

Overwhelming feedback and suggestions for new features

Deciding which new features we should develop is a delicate balancing act as we want to add more functionality to help our customers run their business better, but at the same time also avoid making RunMags into a costly software beast that takes three months to implement. We thank you for all the great ideas and will keep you posted on new releases.

Since you may have seen a bug or two in the initial releases, I thank you for your patience. As the startup we are, we employ the same process as Google did early on and this allow us to develop faster than we otherwise could if we did a month a testing before each new functionality was released. We are firmly convinced that this is the best way for us to add value to our customers as we are so closely engaged with you in anything from implementation, development requests and bug reports.

What to Expect from RunMags in 2016

So, what’s next for RunMags in 2016? Well, we plan to go live with a few golden nuggets and the five main ones that we are prioritizing for Q1 release are:

One-click ad order confirmation – Power-up the email template used to send proposals to include a link that the advertiser can click to electronically confirm their ad order. Customers that want to print and sign can certainly still do so.
Advertiser portal – Allow advertisers to view and pay their invoices inside their own portal, where they can view all past contracts and invoices as well as upload artwork to be assigned to one or several ad orders.
Extended subscriber portal – Allow subscribers to view and pay for their subscriptions and also renew them without getting duplications. Support for multiple titles, combination offerings for print, digital and online as well as extended support for gift subscriptions.
Email automation improvements – Extended support for workflows with events in RunMags triggering emails being sent, for example reminders, thank you notes, confirmations, etc. Extended support for drip marketing campaigns initiated manually and/or automatically.
Website HTML5 ad serving – Let the contract in RunMags govern timing, frequency and placement of responsive HTML5 artwork. Invoice clients for time and/or click-rates on a monthly basis using data in RunMags.

Thanks for your continued support for RunMags in 2016! Send us feedback by emailing or visit our support website


Robert Bergqvist
Co-Founder and CEO of RunMags Inc.

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New Dashboard features added

In the latest update we’ve have some new dashboard features added to the platform. As all the data in RunMags is in one single repository, we can now build any kind of dashboard that our users like to see. As long as the data is in RunMags, we can slide and dice it for presentation in a way that makes sense for human beings.

To start with we have created one dashboard for Sales insight and one for Financial insight that can be accessed in the left hand navigation menu. Soon we will also release dashboards for Production and Marketing. Use the little feedback icon (shaped like light bulb) at the lower left of the RunMags user interface to share your thoughts on what you’d like to see. Think about what makes sense for you and your business. Let us know and we’ll create it!

RunMags Dashboard Sales Insight

RunMags Dashboard Sales Insight

Data presented for different purpose and consumers

As you let your imagination run free, think about what your various users need to be great at their job. A dashboard may not always be the best tool. Sometimes our Reporting Lists and Pivot Tables are more effective for detailed reporting and ad hoc analysis.

Think of a dashboard as a tool that you continuously come back to check the status of something. It is a very effective tool for weekly meetings with the staff or for presenting to the Board of Directors. If the format is familiar, it is easy for all involved parties to understand what the data is showing and to draw conclusions from it.

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Deep(er) integration with Google Apps Ecosystem

In the short time that RunMags has been around (the company is 1 year old now) we haven’t really announced any new features. Yet we have indeed developed and released a number of awesome tools and features that will help users of RunMags in their daily lives. This is the normal mode for developing cloud based software, but with this post we’d would like to explain this process and also announce a few things that make our deep integration with the Google Apps Ecosystem even deeper.

Our model for developing and releasing new features

RunMags is developed and released through Continuous Delivery (CD), a design practice used to automate and improve the process of software delivery. Techniques such as automated testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment allow software to be developed to a high standard and easily packaged and deployed to test environments, resulting in the ability to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly push out enhancements and bug fixes to customers at low risk and with minimal manual overhead.

We adhere to the Release Early, Release Often (RERO) software development philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of early and frequent releases in creating a tight feedback loop between developers, testers and users – contrary to a feature-based release strategy. Advocates argue that this allows the software development to progress faster, enables the user to help define what the software will become, better conforms to the users’ requirements for the software, and ultimately results in higher quality software.

All our development efforts are based on user feedback. If you have ideas for features you would like to see, please submit them by clicking the question mark inside of RunMags or on our support site.

Newly released Google Apps integrations

RunMags has been developed to make great use out of Google Apps Ecosystem. Since January this year we have made it possible login to RunMags using your Google account so that you don’t need to remember a RunMags specific password. You just make sure you’re already logged into Gmail and then you can open up RunMags with the click of a button when you sign in. This is very useful in today’s business environment with several platforms and software being used.

We have also made it possible to link up your Google email account so that you can email customers from RunMags. By selecting the contact you want to email in RunMags, you then click on a button to create an email or use a frequently used template to send your winning message. You can even schedule the email to be delivered at a time when you know it’s likely the contact has time to read email.

Easy button for entering new customers into RunMags

The image for this blog post show our latest addition, something that we added to make it easier for users to enter new customers and making sure they get the right address. When adding a new client, start typing the address and Google Maps will help you narrow in on the correct one. Very handy for making sure a new subscriber get their magazine!

The Google Apps Ecosystem really make things easier. Start your free trial of Google Apps.

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Pricing software per user is stifling growth

When we started RunMags, we set out to transform the way Magazine Publishers do business. Our mission is to make modern magazine publishing manageable and profitable, and RunMags can automate tedious tasks and improve collaboration within the team, thereby improving productivity.

Announcing changes to RunMags pricing structure

In order to stay close to our mission, we are now announcing a change to RunMags’ pricing structure, effective immediately. Up until today, RunMags has had a very traditional pricing structure with a user-based component. While we could benchmark our platform with others in order to forecast how much Amazon’s cloud hosting service would cost us, we didn’t know for certain how it would scale.

Over the past year, as we have been tracking our hosting cost, we have concluded that RunMags scales very nicely and that each added user doesn’t really draw that much more computing power. Since our cost can be managed reliably, we would like to pass this on to existing and future customers.

Therefore, from now on, RunMags will be priced at $250 per month for the entire company, with an unlimited number of users!

We want to grow with our customers

We are keeping the modularized pricing for additional data and more magazines to manage. These areas are associated with additional cost for us, but they are also directly associated with additional revenue for our customers. A recently hired additional user is actually mostly associated with additional cost until he or she has been able to learn the ropes and at that point publishers should not have to get hit by a license fee as well. By structuring our pricing model this way, we can grow financially in parallel when our customers grow financially, rather than before our customers grow financially.

RunMags is all about teamwork. In order to build teams, all employees should partake in the daily activities, while working in RunMags. Freelancers working on ads or specific design should also have access to the system which make this model make even more sense. With unlimited users, publishers can allow for freelancers to have an account that doesn’t have to be shut down between projects. It also makes it easier to outsource ad sales as the resources can be external and still work in the same system as the core team.

It should be [mentally] easy to add new users

Anyone that has implemented a CRM or ERP project know that user adoption is key to success. The more people that get onboard, the more likely it is that the team will reach critical mass so that using the new system becomes part of daily life. What’s not commonly known though is that more users of a system typically means that the company get more value out of it.

Training new employees goes a lot quicker and it can be performed as part of the daily routine as opposed to sending the new employee off to class for a week. More users also means more data in the database, which is crucial for meaningful trending and analysis.

With that in mind, it does not make any sense to have a pricing structure that associates a new user with an additional monthly cost. Pricing software per user is stifling growth and it’s counter productive when the success of the investment depends on user adoption.

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