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Office-less global minds

We’re a team of global minds with ambitious plans to help magazine publishers compete. While at it we are also passionate about spending time with friends and family. RunMags operates as an office-less company with talented contributors all over the world … many of us love to travel to live in and experience new cultures.

Our mission is to make modern magazine publishing manageable and profitable

We believe magazines serve an important purpose in educating and entertaining people. We also believe that there’s a set of Critical Success Factors that are vital for profitable magazine publishing. They are vital for a strategy to be successful and either make or breaks the success of the strategy.

Digital does not exclude print

Operating a lean and digitized business model in the cloud is one of the Critical Success Factors for a publishing business. RunMags was born in the cloud and our software platform is built for a workforce that thrives in a transparent and innovative environment. Your teams can operate in a remote-first business environment and our rapid release schedule provides new features on an ongoing basis without causing business interruptions.

It’s important to point out that a digitized business model does not exclude print publishing. On the contrary, the print will always be a great communication channel for reaching readers while they exclusively spend their attention on the magazine. It’s just that core business processes for operating print magazines have to be digitized and integrated with all other online and in-person communication channels.

Earning the trust of advertisers and consumers

We've built RunMags with the best technology available and we constantly strive to improve our platform. With RunMags, your customer-facing portals, offerings, and payment gateways will always respond and adapt to how the customer wants to engage and present your brand as a forward-looking media partner.

Advertisers will invest in you because they feel you are a winner and a gateway to their customers. Subscribers will engage with you because they will feel you respect their privacy. Trust is already one of your greatest assets its importance will increasingly grow more important in the future. Content will always be King but Trust will be Queen in a world of information overload.

RunMags Stripe Verified Partner

RunMags is a Stripe Verified Partner

If you operate your business on RunMags you can automate your client's payment processes, allowing for both subscribers and advertisers to pay their bills in a modern fashion to help improve your cash flow. We use Stripe for payment processing in RunMags so you can set up a free account with Stripe, link it to your bank account and commence billing clients.

We're a Stripe Verified Partner and have passed their rigorous verification process, so if you set up your Stripe integration in RunMags you can comfortably know that we've done our homework, that we're using a current API, correct token verification, etc. so that your client's transactions are as secure as they can be.

Our business runs Google G Suite

Our own business operations are run entirely in the cloud, with Google G Suite. Code development and graphic design is still limited to client installed software, but the RunMags platform, our customer support and feedback system, our bug ticketing and product enhancement tracking, our website, our internal and external communication, as well as our accounting system can and is run from Google Chromebooks and the Android platform.

We’re saving a ton of money doing that and pass that on to our customers – but that’s not the only reason – we also do it because these Chrome browser-based tools simply kick ass. We want to help you leverage them as well.

We look forward to hearing from you

The key to developing great software is to work close to the users, gather feedback and implement improvements. As RunMags is a 100% cloud-based solution, you will get access to new releases as we are implementing them. You can directly affect how we develop RunMags.

Our Help Center includes a number of articles to get you started and please share your stories to help us build a product that best fits your needs.