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RunMags software – profitable magazine publishing

We are a team of global minds with experience from the Fortune 500 corporate world as well as software startups. The one thing we have in common is that we believe we can make a difference for all you magazine publishers out there who struggle with administration, operational costs and scalability.

You are the publishing experts with blogs, digital magazines and print magazines. We are business management experts who can write software that will help you to profitable magazine publishing. We understand that you’re operating in one of the most competitive industries there are and we are convinced that our software platform will help you compete.

Our mission is to make modern magazine publishing manageable and profitable

Our product helps further this mission, but it only solves a small percentage of our larger goals. That’s why this website’s blog and learning resources goes beyond product information to also discuss and provide insight around the challenges of running a publishing business, how to set up a magazine website that allow you to differentiate your company with inbound leads for your advertisers, etc. We want to share our experience and help you run a lean business model that add value to your advertisers – a simple but yet so hard formula to achieve.

We believe that the key to a lean business model in today’s business environment is to run it all in the cloud and to use software to automate tedious tasks. Magazine publishing processes and product offerings should certainly be designed with the advertisers and subscribers in mind, but also optimize the use of cloud based software in order to drive cost out, eliminate the need for expensive hardware infrastructures and IT departments.


RunMags Stripe Verified Partner

RunMags is a Stripe Verified Partner

If you operate your business on RunMags you can automate your client's payment processes, allowing for both subscribers and advertisers to pay their bills in a modern fashion to help improve your cash flow. We use Stripe for payment processing in RunMags so you can set up a free account with Stripe, link it to your bank account and commence billing clients.

We're a Stripe Verified Partner and have passed their rigorous verification process, so if you set up your Stripe integration in RunMags you can comfortably know that we've done our homework, that we're using a current API, correct token verification, etc. so that your client's transactions are as secure as they can be.

Our business run Google G Suite

Our own business operations is run entirely in the cloud, with Google G Suite. Code development and graphic design is still limited to client installed software, but the RunMags platform, our customer support and feedback system, our bug ticketing and product enhancement tracking, our website, our internal and external communication, as well as our accounting system can and is run from Google Chromebooks and the Android platform.

We’re saving a ton of money doing that and pass that on to our customers – but that’s not the only reason – we also do it because these Chrome browser based tools simply kick ass. We want to help you leverage them as well.

We look forward to hearing from you

Key to developing great software is to work close to the users, gather feedback and implement improvements. As RunMags is a 100% cloud based solution, you will get access to new releases as we are implementing them. You can directly affect how we develop RunMags.

Our Help Center includes a number of articles to get you started and please share your stories to help us build a product that best fits your needs.