2017-05-01 in Update

RunMags updates – May 2017

Several minor production updates have been launched, making it easier to operate your publishing business. The two main feature adds this spring are your team now can be printing the flatplan to share it as well as improvements to the events module.

Printing the flatplan

It’s now possible to print the flat plan of a specific issue to see the laýout and to share it with bosses, colleagues and clients. In a digital world, most of your employees probably have access to RunMags, but for those few that don’t, printing the flatplan may ease things. Also, it may be so that you prefer to have it on a large piece of paper as opposed to your screen. To suit our global customer base, the flat plan can be printed in Tabloid as well as A3 format, in portrait and landscape:

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Extended Events functionality

Branch out with your publishing business, create business value for your clients and a new revenue stream for yourself. Events are a great way to do that. With the latest update, we have improved how you can set up your inventory to sell advertising and tickets. You can set up the events to accommodate several physical sections and also specific occasions at the event, like keynotes or breakout sessions. Check it out here:

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