2018-12-11 in Update

Expanding inventory with social and newsletter advertising products

Today we are announcing our latest update which will allow you to set up new advertising inventory specific to social media and newsletter channels. Seize the opportunity to expand advertising revenue.

Exploring new revenue streams

Magazine publishers are telling us that they are constantly experimenting with new ways to expand their inventory. Many of them have already set up inventory under the Online channel category and sales have been so good that we've been asked to separate out Social and Newsletter channels in the interface and database.

By creating new categories for Social and Newsletter advertising we can give the channels the attention they deserve. Lumping website, social and newsletter advertising into some kind of catch-all Digital sales does not properly represent the value proposition as well as the contribution to the publisher's revenue.

Revised proposal format

Now that RunMags offers the ability to sell advertising and sponsorship in seven different channel types; Print, Digital, Web, Social, Newsletters and Events, we're taking the opportunity to revise the way they are presented in the proposals.

The channels you can create in RunMags are quite different in nature;

  • Print, Digital and Newsletters are published on a single day according to a planned schedule so that's also when the advertising is fulfilled.
  • Social posts are also published on a single day but not necessarily on a set schedule, so the fulfilment of sponsorships need to take this into consideration.
  • Web sites are published over time with advertising posted during a certain time window and potentially also sold according to number of shows.
  • Events are delivered during a short time window with advertising and sponsorships being fulfilled at different times throughout the event.

So while we want to properly present the contracted products, we also want to make sure that your customers can get a clear overview of what's included in your offers.

Therefore we have amended the proposal templates to break out the fulfillment plan from the what's being contracted. We're open to feedback so let us know what you think by emailing us at support@runmags.com.


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