RunMags API

Use our API to build your own integrations

Using the RunMags API (Application Programming Interface) is an easy way to integrate your website, app or digital magazine with RunMags. It can access data from tables like subscribers, subscriptions, customers, orders which allows you to personalize your subscriber’s experience.

Call into RunMags to see if a combo of email and password match a subscriber. The API will tell if they have an active subscription in order to grant them access to premium content on your website. As people sign into your app, make it ask RunMags if there’s an active subscription.

Based on tags and demographics data for the subscribers in RunMags, customize the user experience and/or advertising. This will allow you to better cater to their needs and make the advertising more effective.

We’re also working on getting usage date from your website, app or digital magazine back into RunMags. By having that data in RunMags, you’ll be able to correlate you print subscriber’s access to online content and click-through on advertising. Then use the dashboards in RunMags to prove to agencies and advertisers how engaged your subscriber base is when you ask for premium pricing on your advertising inventory.

Access our API at