Use RunMags eSign to make it easy for advertisers to sign your contracts. Digitize your business and move away from managing paper.

Increase your conversion rates

RunMags eSign advertiser contracts

If you email proposals from RunMags, you can include an eSign portal link in the email template to make it easy for the client to buy from you.

Since we launched our eSign facility almost two years ago, our customers continuously report of dramatically improved the conversion rates, sometimes in the range of 40-60%. The eSignature simply makes it so much easier to sign a contract compared to downloading the PDF, printing it, signing it and then scanning it to email it back.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

The RunMags eSign experience has been optimised for any device — whether it's a PC at the office, a tablet during a meeting or a mobile device to collect signatures in the field.

Design your client experience

Designing the customer experience is tremendously important in today's business environment. When you use RunMags you can make sure your email template and client portal follow your brand guidelines and that the language you use is personal and written in your tone and style.

To describe the flow of information from your client's perspective, we have prepared this article in our knowledge base. Follow the guideline and design your client experience.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is intended to provide a secure and accurate identification method for the signatory to provide a seamless transaction. Definitions of electronic signatures vary depending on the applicable jurisdiction and there are certainly many software tools available in the market place to implement electronic signatures.

The RunMags eSign rests on the following audit trail:

  1. The contract is emailed to a unique email address at a specific data and time, which RunMags tracks.
  2. The email address is related to a customer contact record in the RunMags database.
  3. The email contains an encrypted url that only the recipient have access to (unless they forward the email).
  4. When the url is accessed, RunMags tracks the IP address that the client is using.
  5. The url presents a personal self-service portal where the client can view current and historical contracts, invoices and payment methods.
  6. When the client clicks to sign the contract, the client is presented with information to make them aware that they are entering into a contract.
  7. When the contract is signed, the client can see that the status of the contract is "Signed" in their personal portal.

Will this hold in court?

We don't claim that the RunMags eSign will hold in court. As the jurisdiction is so different from country to country and our platform is used allover the world, it would consume too many of our resources to make that claim. With that being said, we believe that our eSign facility is appropriate for magazines publishers.

The business environment of a magazine publishing business is one where client relations are ongoing and longterm. The publisher and the client will likely work closely together during the fulfillment process and if the client have any objections to the commercial arrangement, that will usually be known and remedied throughout the process.

To our knowledge, not a single contract generated in RunMags has ever been disputed in court. This is likely due to a combination of the publisher business environment and the transparent contract documents generated by RunMags. That's the solid foundation for contract management in publishing. The eSign is merely an administrative checkpoint of emotional commitment.

Setting up your eSign in RunMags

When you have your RunMags account, terms and email templates set up, you can initiate the eSign from within RunMags. Please see our knowledge base on how to do that.

Please initiate a chat with us if you have any questions about how to use the eSign correctly. We want to help you to be successful!