Want to work with RunMags?

Office-less global minds

We’re a team of global minds with ambitious plans to change the world to the better for magazine publishers. RunMags is operating as an office-less company with talented contributors allover the world … many of us love to travel to live in and experience new cultures.

Our cloud-based IT infrastructure allow us to relocate to exciting and inspirational locations where work can be planned into our lives in a way that suits us. Most of us have previously worked in large corporations with inflexible work schemes and everything else that follows. So when RunMags was founded, we decided that we would not replicate that model.

Email your resume

At this time we’re not actively recruiting, but if you believe you would add significant value to our business and our customers, please send an email to talent@runmags.com along with your resume. The email will be logged in our ticketing system and if you turn out to have the skills and the passion that compliment our team we’ll contact you for an interview.

We also contract office-less talent for both programming and professional services on a freelance basis, which may be a model that suit you? Let us know!