Advertising sales

RunMags has full CRM functionality to help you provide the best possible service to clients, present compelling advertising opportunities and close sales. Advertising sales is a core feature in RunMags and once a deal has been closed, data flow into production and billing processes, ensuring that you deliver on your commitments and that you get paid.

CRM is your playbook for winning with advertisers

To beat the competition you need to understand how you can help advertisers reach their goals and consistently deliver on commitments. You use RunMags to manage advertising sales but the road to successful sales is so much more than ad order entry. That very strategic working process is what we call CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

RunMags will help you create and manage account records with company information along with relevant information such as contacts, activities, email, deals, invoices and more.

Advertising sales

At a glance, sales reps and other users can easily understand how to best service the client. Historical sales is graphically displayed, current deals and recent engagements with client representatives form an understanding on what's most important to grow the account.

Contract management for advertising sales

Your advertising contracts form the foundation for your business. They document the contractual commitments that will feed your business cash for several months and as well as your obligations to deliver a service that will help your clients grow their business.

RunMags sports a very robust contract management module with complete inventory management in channels commonly used today, such as print, digital, web, events, social and newsletters.

You manage your inventory and pricing strategies and sales reps can easily pick the right products with corresponding accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Instant proposal delivery and eSignature to boost conversion

Centrally managed email templates ensure that sales reps present proposals professionally while also allowing them to personalize the message to connect with the client. The content editor can include personalized links for the client to click in order to sign the contract electronically.

Emails are delivered from your business domain, set up to ensure stellar email deliverability and a professional representation of your brand. Every single email is tracked and so you can see when clients receive and open your email.

Business support throughout the entire commercial process

When most CRM systems stop supporting the business process at ad order entry and a closed sales order, RunMags gives you the tools to manage the contract through fulfillment, helping you ensure that ads gets placed as promised and that invoices are issued correctly.

All invoices are saved and readily available for future management of customer relations as well as comparative data analysis. Each customer contract agreement contains references not only to the inventory sold, but also to which magazine issues and timing that was included.

Sales process

RunMags also helps you map your commercial process to how your advertisers are buying advertising. Connect your website to our API and engage with potential advertisers when they are educating themselves on whether you can help them communicate with potential customers.

Effective coaching of sales reps

As RunMags is role based, sales staff can be assigned access to focus on advertisers and contract management. Team managers can run statistics and monitor performance in terms of quantity and quality of sales activities – to be leveraged for enhancing tactics and coaching sales reps to increase their effectiveness.

Each sales rep is presented with a sales dashboard displaying their results by week, effectively comparing actual results to sales goals set in cooperation with the team manager. The immediate feedback loop allows for effective coaching of talent that just started in their job as well as experienced sales reps.

Outsourced ad sales

With RunMags you can easily outsource your entire advertising sales operation. Simply assign roles to external sales reps and direct them to use the limited access they get in your RunMags installation. They only get access to the information you want them to have access to.