2019-11-05 in Learning

5 ways to increase ad sales using eSignatures

The deal is not closed until it has been signed. While a verbal commitment is indeed legally binding in most countries, a signed contract provides for legal comfort. Learn how you can use eSignatures to increase productivity and make it easy for clients to buy advertising from you.

Name the sales rep that hasn’t heard “I just need to sign it” and then never heard from the prospect again. Signing paper documents creates an unnecessary barrier for business. Let’s review 5 valuable ways eSignature technology can improve your bottom line.

1. Make it easy to buy from you

Printing-signing-scanning-sending is just painful. The hurdle associated with signing a contract on paper makes it difficult to buy while eSignatures make it easy, even on mobile phones. For that reason, you'll enjoy a higher conversion rate using eSignatures.

2. Strike while the iron is hot

Create a sense of urgency and close the deal while you have your client on the phone. Email them your proposed contract and walk through your value proposition, timing and project execution. Then ask for their commitment and eSignature as you still have them on the phone.

3. Empower your mobile sales force

Whether they’re in the field or at their desk, eSignatures helps sales reps respond dynamically to deals in play, for example when a prospect is opening up an email for the first time. With email and eSignatures, sales reps can close deals from the beach.

4. Increase team productivity

With eSignatures, your sales force saves potential time lost in manual tasks like filing documents, rekeying data, searching for lost documents or tracking down a contract that’s been lost in the mail.

5. Avoid being "Ghosted" and convert silent prospects

In dating, "Ghosting" is when a person cuts off all communication after a time of seemingly great dates, with zero warning or notice before hand. It can happen in ad sales as well ;-)

Clients may feel they are over reaching their advertising budgets at the same time as they cannot argue with your value proposition. Or that time they needed to reflect over your offer is just dragging out due to indecisiveness. Regardless, send prompts and reminders over email and reach out when they have opened your email.

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