RunMags Partner Program

Grow your consulting business by adding value to RunMags. Extend your service offering and consult with magazine publishers who want to run their business more efficiently.

We believe in strong partnerships to support mutual growth. RunMags can certainly be used by magazine publishers globally, but many of them also need support locally. That's where our partners play an extremely important role.

Onboarding with us is certainly easy and it can take as little as a couple of days to set up your publishing business with inventory and then start selling advertising in RunMags. With that being said, many publishers do need some help to get priorities straights and plan for the roll-out of a new CRM and production planning platform. As a RunMags partner you can leverage the partnership in many ways:

Meet clients

Get introduced to magazine publishers and get paid directly for your expertise. You’ll meet pre-qualified businesses who already understand what the RunMags brand means and how it fits into a cloud strategy.

Grow your business

Join a cloud program with huge customer demand. Because our client retention is so high, clients will become excellent recurring clients for you as well. As you develop a niche, market your own spin-off products and services to generate recurring revenues.

Be a leader

Belong to a select group of amazing and focused partners who work with us at a partner level and build closer relationships with technical engineers. You’ll heighten your profile and become a RunMags authority within the magazine publishing industry.

Popular services to offer

  • General RunMags setup and configuration
  • Integration (e.g. Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 …)
  • Data migration from Legacy Systems and import into RunMags
  • Training
  • Workflow Consulting/Automation
  • Industry Specific Consulting
  • Program requirements
  • Be a Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 solution provider
  • Have 3 Magazine Publisher client references
  • Have RunMags landing page on their website explaining their RunMags offering, specialization, and differentiation.

Frequently asked questions

Is this a way for me to grow my consulting business?

Absolutely! RunMags is a versatile platform and skillful consultants can help publishers maximize the value out of the software. Your consulting hours will have an immediate impact on your client's bottom line.

Is this a reseller or affiliate marketing program?

The RunMags Partner program is not an affiliate marketing program. Our partners must help our clients in a way such that the client will pay them directly.

Will I pay a commission to RunMags Inc.?

Partners do not pay fees to RunMags Inc. Membership to the partner program is completely free.

Will RunMags Inc. share revenue with me?

RunMags Inc. employs a revenue-sharing model where 20% of the monthly recurring Net Revenue per active paying client is paid to the partner on a monthly basis.

Do I get a RunMags demo account for becoming a partner?

Yes. Partners receive a demo account for free so that they can show off RunMags to potential clients without exposing personal information.

I seem to qualify, but my business model is a bit different. Would it hurt to apply?

Applying to the RunMags Partner Program is pain-free.

  1. Read our Partner Program Agreement and then
  2. apply, using the Partner Program Application form.


We're looking forward to hearing from you!