Email excellence

RunMags makes MailChimp redundant. Why maintain send lists in a separate system when you have all your subscribers and advertiser contacts in RunMags? With RunMags you get integrated email design and large volume delivery to both subscribers and advertisers. Our platform ensures superior email deliverability with statistics and opt-out to enable GDPR compliance.

Email is the single most important communication channel for magazine publishers

Our phones are certainly important tools for anyone selling advertising and collaborating on content. But think about how many emails that go out from a publishing business for proposals, copy collections, subscription confirmations, renewal reminders, marketing emails, newsletter publications, and more. They all need to be well designed with compelling content AND they need to be delivered to the primary inbox folder of recipients.

Design your emails in RunMags

RunMags has the tools you need to design your emails, both text based html emails and designed drag-and-drop emails. Based on the purpose of the email you need to select the most optimal tool to design the emails. Designer emails certainly look good but recipients may mentally filter them out as not important or sort them into a folder to be read at a later time (which never happens). Text emails may not look as good but tend to cut through to the readers as more important. Especially if they are sent from one individual to another.

Do your best to ensure high deliverability

The content and the design of your email affect how Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other mailbox providers categorize your emails. Their AI robots read your emails and if they detect that your lingo includes a lot of sales references and offers, then your email is likely going to the dreadful "Promotions" folder rather than the "Primary" folder. Guess which folder most people miss to read.