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Publishers all over the world use RunMags to sell advertising, attract subscribers, manage production and get paid.


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"For us it is one of the best "CRM" software for publishing but it´s much more than this. We really like the automatic process from creating a proposal till sending reminders for missing ads. This helps us to optimize the whole sales and production process."

Reach a state of operational excellence

Whether you are enthusiastically starting your first magazine or is a seasoned publisher, RunMags magazine publishing software will help you run a better and more profitable publishing business.


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"As a small magazine company, RunMags has taken me from pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets to a more automated system. Within a few months I have been able to scale up by offering more publications. RunMags has been a game changer for my business."

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RunMags play nicely with other platform so you can set your business up for success with a mobile and effective IT infrastructure!


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Our plans and pricing align with the size of your business. When your business grows, we grow with you. If you are a startup or want to try first, go for the free editon.