Modern magazine publishers use RunMags Magazine Publishing Software to
sell advertising, attract subscribers, manage production and get paid.

Sales and contracts

RunMags is a CRM system and magazine publishing software that help sales reps stay focused on closing advertising deals. Set weekly sales targets and let the system help assign which customers and agencies that sales reps should be targeting. Get daily updates for effective coaching and collaborate real time with the production team to maximize the revenue from each issue.


Teamwork and planning

A closed advertising contract automatically updates the management reports and also initiates the fulfillment process for ad insertions in print issues as well as digital ads on websites. All involved team members can access the information they need in order to plan their work, schedule activities and solve issues.


Flatplan and production

Design print and digital issues with the integrated pagination tool. Edit and move pages quickly and share flatplans with all contributors. Using the magazine publishing software, the team can drag and drop contracted ad insertions onto the desired page and track artwork delivery for timely production.


Billing and reminders

With all customer and contract data in one place, RunMags contains the tools for ensuring accurate billing as the fulfillment process is completed, effectively eliminating the need to transfer customer data to the accounting system. Simply issue all invoices with RunMags and let the automated workflows send gentle email reminders to late payers. Delinquent payers can be approached by the sales rep as part of the ongoing relationship for issue resolution.


Circulation and distribution

Sell subscriptions and increase circulation using online portals. Set rules for how advertisers should get on the list for complimentary issues and effectively manage distribution to get efficient use of all printed copies.


Insight to business performance

Leverage powerful dashboards and reports to inform your decision making and to optimize your publishing business. Analyze marketing campaigns, sales, sales rep commissions and other company financials.

reports-business intelligence

The tools to success

Whether you are enthusiastically starting your first magazine or have been operating for a long time, RunMags is the right magazine publishing software for you.

Start your own magazine

Start your own print and/or online magazine and avoid growing pains in the future. Set yourself up for success from the start with an affordable platform that can grow with you


Grow beyond your first magazine

Scale your proven business model to several publications using print, digital magazines and websites. Automate processes to do more with less.


Modernize your Publication House

Lean out your processes and roll out a software platform that gives you a competitive edge. We migrate data from legacy systems like the Magazine Manager, MagHub and MSGL.


Run your magazine from anywhere

RunMags magazine publishing software works on nearly every computer and mobile device. No software installations necessary

A quick introduction
to RunMags

Everything you need to know about RunMags magazine publishing software in less than two minutes.

Google Apps
+ RunMags

Extend Google Apps with RunMags cloud based CRM and fulfillment software - give your team the tools they love.
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Use your favorite services

RunMags is ready to use together with the tools in Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Set your business up for success with a mobile and lean IT infrastructure!

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