Onboarding overview

Our onboarding program is designed for new customers. With the help of your dedicated RunMags consultant, you will receive both technical guidance to properly configure the RunMags software and assistance to leverage the tools and methodology.

Our standard onboarding package contains the following:

Your RunMags subscription service your RunMags consultant shall provide (usually within 21 days of you signing up):

  • Assistance with the technical setup associated with RunMags
  • Advice and guidance on setting up your brands and channels
  • Advice and guidance on setting up your advertising products/media kit
  • Advice and guidance on setting up a subscription portal/payment page
  • Advice and guidance on integrating your existing systems with RunMags
  • Guidance in developing, managing, and executing an email marketing campaign
  • Assistance with importing advertiser organizations and contacts 
  • Assistance with setting up subscription products and importing subscribers and subscriptions

Your RunMags consultant shall also provide:

  • One (1) one-hour long training session for management
  • One (1) one-hour long training session for sales reps
  • Additional training is available if needed (USD 125 per hour)

You will also receive ongoing access to resources including:

  • The RunMags support team
  • Online documentation, support articles, and training videos
  • The RunMags customer success team


Key Details

Price: USD 475

Setting: Remote


RunMags Onboarding consists of onboarding assistance with an implementation specialist or equivalent RunMags expert(s) to assist with the setup and/or implementation of your RunMags subscription. This time will consist of online screen-sharing conversations, email-based support, and any other activities related to the setup and/or implementation of your subscription. RunMags Onboarding is delivered remotely. 

Delivery period: within 21 days from signing up