Insight to business performance

Leverage powerful dashboards and reports to inform your decision making and to optimize your publishing business. Analyze revenue streams, marketing campaigns, sales rep performance and other company financials.

Complete insight to your business financials and growth

At any time, RunMags will give you real time access to insight on how your business is performing. The platform comes with a number of standardized reports and dashboards suitable for different information users. In addition, RunMags has built-in tables and diagrams that allow for detail drill down analysis and queries.

One dataset for your entire business

Have you ever experienced disagreements between the sales department and finance? You are not alone and the most common reason for a data mismatch is the fact that these two departments tend to work in different systems. In RunMags, contract management is a core feature and all departments work to it. Sales reps creates proposals and emails them to clients for eSignature and when they are signed all the data flow through fulfillment and billing.

Act on insight before it’s too late

Since the data in RunMags always is current, you will be in a position to notice any problems as soon as they materialize. A weak sales pipeline will stick out as a sore thumb and price erosion will not go unnoticed. With RunMags, each transaction is logged and properly categorized, suitable for analysis.