Are you experiencing growing pains?

Transition from a business model depending on the founding team being involved in every task and every decision. With RunMags, the leadership team can make informed decisions and coach teams through continual improvement. Rather than spinning your wheels with tedious tasks, you can use your time wisely to scale the business to several publications and brands in print, digital, websites, newsletters and events.

RunMags improves employee experience

With RunMags, managers and business owners will be in the know of how things are going without the need for detailed controlling meetings. Employees will feel a sense of autonomy which in turn improves employee experience and motivation. Managers can transition to a coaching leadership style thereby freeing up time and resources within the company.

As the platform provides for transparent and data driven management of channels, publication schedules, advertising products as well as sales pipeline, employees can collaborate to serve clients and effectively produce content for publication. Common goals 


As you get feedback from clients you can tweak your offering immediately and test it on the next client. You email proposals to clients and they eSign them swiftly using any computer or mobile device. Agility becomes your super power as a startup publisher!

Hire staff as late as possible and have them add value from day 1

As a startup publisher, hiring staff too early can really have a negative effect on profitability. With RunMags you can delay the point of hiring simply because your operation will be highly effective. You'll be surprised to see how much you're getting done with a small startup team.

Then when you're financially stable enough to invest and take the step to add staff, RunMags will make it easy for your new staff to understand how to sell advertising, manage subscriptions and produce your publications.

Avoid migrating data from spreadsheets and email marketing platforms

During any given year, a publishing business will generate a lot of data. Managing client lists and ad bookings in spreadsheets or simple CRM systems, or subscription lists in an email marketing list, may sound like a great idea for starting out. In reality, you will be spending a lot of time managing the spreadsheets, you may make errors in them and in the end you will have to spend a lot of time to clean the data and make it ready for being migrated a to solid magazine publishing platform when that day comes.