Are you experiencing growing pains?

Transition from a business model depending on the founding team being involved in every task and every decision. With RunMags, the leadership team can make informed decisions and coach teams through continual improvement. Rather than spinning your wheels with tedious tasks, you can use your time wisely to scale the business to several publications and brands in print, digital, websites, newsletters and events.

RunMags improves employee experience

With RunMags, growing publishers can avoid growing pains. Managers and business owners will be in the know of how things are going without the need for detailed controlling meetings. Employees will feel a sense of autonomy which in turn improves their overall job experience and motivation. Managers can transition to a coaching leadership style thereby freeing up time and resources within the company.

As the platform provides for transparent and data driven management of channels, publication schedules, advertising products as well as sales pipeline, employees can collaborate to serve clients and effectively produce content for publication. Common goals and deadlines are shared within the application, empowering employees to do what's right for customers and the business.

Implementing impactful processes

Having too many processes will impede productivity and add to your growing pains. Make sure to implement the right processes to provide the necessary structure ongoing tasks tied to specific cadences.

Out of the box, RunMags is built as an enabler of Operational Excellence in publishing companies. There's no need for lengthy system customization projects and the platform will make it naturally simple for employees to follow process. Onboarding new resources will also be greatly simplified since the entire organization will utilize RunMags as a common communication platform.

Relying on data as well as your gut

If your gut is telling you something, it's really your experience that is talking to you so it should not be dismissed. With that said, data-driven analytics should complement your decision making process and data doesn't have an agenda.

In RunMags you have access to insight for every core business process, may it be sales, production or finance related. Data can certainly be accessed in raw format, but also through pre-assembled dashboards that will help you understand and take action.



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"Magazine publishing is a highly competitive industry and RunMags is a key component in making Travel Media successful."

Kjell Santesson, Travel Media’s Managing Director and Owner