Are you digitizing a publishing house?

Organize in functional areas and drive synergies between your magazines and brands. Manage cultural change and roll out a modern software platform that gives you a competitive edge. RunMags will enable your global and local teams to perform at their best to create value for customers and shareholders. We migrate data from legacy systems like the Magazine Manager, MagHub and MSGL as well as disjointed Salesforce implementations.

RunMags will support your cultural change

Media businesses face an almost unprecedented training and development challenge. Every aspect of publishing is pivoting towards a multi-platform, brand-centric approach embracing not only content creation and distribution but data collection and management, ecommerce, events and so on. This is a world away from the approach that many publishers are used to and it requires a high degree of re-skilling and some strategic hiring. Fundamentally, it’s a challenge of delivering cultural change.

Managing through the change can be difficult but the way RunMags supports core business processes and make it easy for employees to do the right thing at the right time fuels the change. With RunMags every employee can be a digital superstar, effectively automating client communication, order conversions and payment processing.

Break down organizational barriers 

During our onboarding process we'll help you set up your channels, publication schedule and advertising products. This forms your inventory in a structure manner within a couple of days and makes it really easy to sell advertising in a process oriented manner. RunMags is built for transparency and team work, to help the team provide the best possible service to clients.

The data in RunMags is indisputable. Old (and inaccurate) "legacies and truths" are quickly dismantled in RunMags's dashboards, making it very apparent what products and teams that are building for growth and which ones that don't. Leverage the data to drive performance when your organization is shifting to a "mobile-first" work environment.

Automating core business processes

RunMags makes it easy to do business. Squeeze value out of your simplification projects and let computers do much of the heavy lifting associated with data entry, order entry, invoicing, copy collection, payments and more. From the ground up, RunMags is designed to help you map your commercial process to your advertiser's buying process, from marketing through sales, production, billing and their evaluation of you as their media partner.

API ready cloud ecosystem

Out of the box, RunMags comes with awesome tools to help publishers to quickly get set up to use self-service portals, commercial tools and email automation. Once your publishing house has been brought to a certain level you can use our Application Programming Interface (API) to use the business process framework in RunMags with your own unique front end to further drive growth.



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"Magazine publishing is a highly competitive industry and RunMags is a key component in making Travel Media successful."

Kjell Santesson, Travel Media’s Managing Director and Owner