System integration

RunMags is built to integrate with other platforms so you can drive productivity in your business. For enterprise customers we can offer complete system integration with accounting systems, websites, advertising delivery systems and more.

RunMags API

You can also leverage our API (Application Programming Interface) to build your own applications that communicate with the RunMags database. For example, you can use the API to control if a subscriber should have access to premium content on your website or if you want a lead generation form on your website to create prospect advertisers in RunMags, assigned to sales reps for follow up.

Google G Suite for Work

Out of the box, RunMags can be used together with Google G Suite, formerly Google Apps for Work. Use Google Single Sign On to login to RunMags and use Gmail to send email from within RunMags.

Plan and structure your workweek in RunMags’ integrated calendar and appointments – each activity synced to your Google Calendar for access on your phone. But where Google’s calendar does not allow for structured information entry, RunMags allow for each activity to be tied to clients – both the company and the contact you’re working with. Also, as you contact clients, use the integrated Google Maps function to locate them as you have them on the phone.

Integration with accounting systems

RunMags helps you manage your business process from sales through fulfillment and invoicing. The invoices are great-looking and once the payment has been received in RunMags, you may want to have that transaction synced to your accounting system. RunMags allows you to set up an automatic transaction sync to Xero and QuickBooks.


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