Use RunMags to sell, invoice and collect, then smoothly transfer revenue information to the correct accounts in Quickbooks Online to manage your Profit & Loss.

Smooth payments and book keeping

When you operate your business on RunMags, you eliminate the need for cumbersome dual-entry of data in your commercial process.

The product information, pricing and terms in your advertising contracts are seamlessly pulled into the invoice so all you have to do is to approve it before it is emailed to your clients. If you want to automate your business further, we can even set the invoices to be emailed out automatically when the contractual billing date is passed.

Two-way syncronization of invoices with Quickbooks

Two-way synchronization with Quickbooks

If you are subscribing to our Quickbooks integration, the invoice information is is automatically synced over to Quickbooks. If the client record does not already exist in Quickbooks, it is created there as well.

If the client pay their invoice in the RunMags self service portal (using a credit card, electronic transfer, or other), then it is automatically marked as paid in RunMags. At the same time, the invoice in Quickbooks is also automatically marked as paid.

If the client pay their invoice by sending you a check or by other means not going through the RunMags self service portal, then you need to manually create a record of receiving the payment in RunMags. When you do this the invoice in Quickbooks is also automatically marked as paid.