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Managing organizational change and digitization of your business

Managing organizational change and digitization of your business can be challenging. At RunMags we provide a bunch of tools to ensure your success, but you may also want to reach out to an implementation partner or consultant to help you out.

RunMags scales with your needs. You can kick off a trial and start selling advertising within minutes just like with many other popular cloud CRM platforms. But where those other systems are limited to simple sales automation features, RunMags gives you super powers for contract management, fulfilment, invoicing and collection. These super powers need to be adapted to your individual company in order to deliver maximum value. Your internal business processes will likely benefit from an overhaul at the same time.

Start using RunMags free of charge

We offer a free 14 day trial. There's no contract to tie you up. We don't charge any cancellation fees.

When you activate your account and initiate the billing cycle, we provide guidance and support for a basic out-of-the-box setup. For small teams the onbording process for a basic setup can be completed in a couple of days. We'll also provide train-the-trainer sessions giving an overview of the system and configuration.

We have customers who have managed most of the setup process themselves, using our knowledge base and their own determination. While that is certainly possible, it's not the norm. RunMags is a platform with many bells and whistles. To maximize the value of the platform we recommend that you get a bit of help to get started either from us or from one of our implementation partners to lay the right foundation to ensure a successful implementation.

Working with a RunMags implementation partner

Digitizing a publishing business is not so much a technology challenge as it is an organizational challenge related to setting up the right business process workflow, planning, training and development. Every aspect of publishing is pivoting towards a multi-platform, brand-centric approach embracing not only content creation and distribution but data collection and management, ecommerce, events and so on. This is a world away from the approach that many publishers are used to and it requires a high degree of re-skilling and some strategic hiring. Fundamentally, it’s a challenge of delivering cultural change.

Change Acceleration Process

In our knowledge base you can find our methodology and best practice for managing change when implementing RunMags. You can access it here and your organization may be able to manage the initiative to implement RunMags perfectly.

With that being said, if you feel that your organization may not have the bandwidth to manage the initiative and stakeholders, train twenty sales reps, and revamp core business processes to a digitized state, then we recommend that you speak to one of our implementation partners. They can provide local support, know-how and resources that may be needed to ensure your digitization journey is a success.

Please email us at so we can guide you to an appropriate partner.