Consulting and education

RunMags scales with your needs. You can kick off a trial and start selling advertising within minutes just like with many other popular cloud CRM systems. But where those other systems are limited to simple sales automation features alone, RunMags has super powers for contract management, templates, fulfillment and invoicing features that need to be set up for your individual company in order to deliver maximum value.

Standard RunMags onboarding is free of charge

We don't charge setup or cancellation fees. There's no contract to tie you up.

When you activate your account with us and initiate the billing cycle, we get on a call with your core team to plan your implementation. We set up online sessions to configure your platform, tweak templates and train up to ten members of your staff. For a small team this process can be completed in a few days and it is free of charge.

Management consulting services

For customers who can benefit from revamping their processes when implementing a new mission critical platform, we offer management consulting services at $100 per hour. We have extensive experience from implementing not only RunMags, but also other CRM and ERP systems throughout hundreds of projects. Our Change Management model is proven to ensure a successful implementation and user acceptance.

Feel free to use our methods on your own or get help from us to use it. RunMags is an intuitive system that is easy to learn, but we have found that it often helps to introduce change in a controlled manner, involve super users in the process redesign, supported by clear project communication to all stakeholder and future users.

Extended user education

For larger organizations that need to train more than ten staff members, we offer extended training sessions at $100 per hour. For enterprise customers, we can also offer tailored on-premise education to fit specific needs.


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