Circulation management

Whether you run paid, non-paid or controlled circulation, RunMags will help you keep track of how readers engage with your content via email and websites. Why use costly certification programs when you can furnish subscriber engagement data to potential advertisers?

Flawless magazine subscription management

With RunMags, you can track when subscriptions begin and when they expire, regardless of if the subscription is time based or issue based. Delivery address(es) and contact information is kept secure so you can guarantee your customer’s privacy.

Secure stellar renewal rates

Automate renewal email notices to be sent out when subscribers have only a few issues left in their subscriptions and ramp up the discounts until the subscription is renewed. Since RunMags is cloud based and role based, you can also engage outside telemarketing firms to access your system to call subscribers in order to convince them to renew.

Leverage your readership to increase ad sales

Segment, profile and keep track of subscribers for campaigns, targeted advertising as well as subscription renewals. Your circulation / readership is one of your biggest assets and you need to leverage it carefully with proper tools. By segmenting your readership in terms that make sense for your advertisers, you can create convincing sales arguments that will let you compete on other terms than price. Integrate with your media website to launch an inbound marketing strategy.

Automate comp list management

Sending out complimentary issues to advertisers and prospects is an important part of selling advertising. But why manage this manually when you can have RunMags keep track of who’s being featured in the upcoming issue and make sure they get one or two copies? Set rules for how advertisers should get on the list for complimentary issues, whether they are advertising or not. You can also manually assign copies even if the rules are not met.