2017-07-31 in Learning

SendGrid email guide for Media and Publishing

SendGrid has put together a small email guide for media and publishing companies. Download it here.

SendGrid is RunMags’ recommended email partner and our email platform for high volume email senders sends email with SendGrid. Every day, SendGrid helps thousands of media/publishing companies deliver email to their recipients and their platform is an ideal solution for many of these companies because they send both transactional and marketing email.

Click here to download your copy of SendGrid’s email guide!

In addition to meeting all the email needs of media and publishing senders, SendGrid is the industry leader when it comes to customer support, deliverability, and email expertise. The email guide is designed to help media/publishing companies:

  1. Learn how other media and publishing companies leverage email for business success
  2. Compare email engagement metrics to industry-wide benchmarks
  3. Get delivery best practices for media and publishing
  4. Determine what changes will improve email performance

Delivering large volumes of email is not quite as easy as most people think. For publishers it’s absolutely crucial to maintain a high degree of deliverability, especially if sponsored emails are part of your product inventory or if it’s possible to purchase advertising in your newsletters. As a comparison, imagine if you have a 50,000 circulation for your print magazine, but only 10,000 of the copies make it to the mailboxes of each paying subscriber. Not only would your readers be upset with your delivery quality, but your advertisers would probably also not like your inability to get their brands in front of the readers.

As a publisher using RunMags, you won’t need an account with MailChimp or Constant Contant. For a very competitive price we’ll hook you up with a SendGrid account and your own IP address. That way you’ll always maintain your customer database with subscribers as well as advertisers in RunMags. You’ll compose your emails in RunMags, but SendGrid is your highly effective mailman.

Click here to download your copy of SendGrid’s email guide!

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