Google G Suite

Use Google Single Sign On to login to RunMags and use Gmail to send email from within RunMags. Enrich client data using Google Maps and drill into your sales pipeline in Google Sheets. Plan and structure your workweek in RunMags’ integrated calendar and appointments – each activity synced to your Google Calendar for access on your mobile device.

What is Google G Suite?

Google G Suite is a suite of online tools built to help companies and their employees communicate and collaborate more effectively. For $5 per user and month, you get professional email, shared calendars, video meetings, documents, online storage and a bunch of other tools in one homogeneous cloud platform. In addition to the tools that come with Google G Suite,you can also connect your favorite services to your Google account. Once you’re up and running with Google G Suite, you just head to the Google Chrome Webstore and connect the Apps you need – many of them for free.

RunMags integrates deeply with Google G Suite

While RunMags can be run in a traditional Microsoft environment, i.e. client based software like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, the user experience is so much nicer when RunMags is used together with either Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite. Out of the two, Google G Suite is clearly the best solution with its single sign-on feature and lightweight documents that load quickly across platforms. The RunMags integration with Google G Suite provides:

Google G Suite single sign-on

  • Email from RunMags and each email will connected to the contact and organization in RunMags
  • Google Maps view for clients in RunMags
  • Reporting data exported to Google Sheets

How to get started with Google G Suite

It’s easy to get started with a basic roll-out process as listed below:

  • Start your free trial
  • Verify domain ownership
  • Add your users
  • Route mail to Google G Suite
  • Train your users
  • Set up mobile devices
  • Import mail, calendars, and contacts
  • Set up your release process

Just get the trial started!

Google G Suite resources: