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Email superpowers for publishers

Email is a great way for publishers to reach their readership as well as advertising partners. Check out these resources from SendGrid, our email partner for the RunMags platform. Get email superpowers and learn how to improve your email deliverability and what key steps you can take right now to make it to the inbox.

The email deliverability challenge

Email is a great channel for publishers to reach readers as well as advertisers. But did you know that, according to ReturnPath’s 2015 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 21% of opt-in emails never make it to the inbox. Yes, you read that correctly. You can't actually assume that an email is delivered as planned simply because you don’t receive a bounce notification.

So why is this? Well, in essence, companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others that provide an email inbox service are fighting spam by tightening their filters and inventing new ways to detect spam automatically. Sometimes us no-spammers get caught in that if we're not careful.

Enter Sendgrid, an email service integrated with RunMags

With RunMags you can send transactional and bulk email to subscribers as well as advertisers. Out of the box and for no extra charge, you get to send up to 10,000 emails per month, using the integrated email delivery services of our email partner SendGrid. If you want to send more than 10,000 emails per month you can upgrade your account with a dedicated IP address and large monthly volumes.

At RunMags we learn from our platform partners and in the email space there's nobody better to learn from than SendGrid. If you are not already subscribing to their regular email publications, we can highly recommend that you do so. There is a wealth of content on SendGrid's website that will give you email superpowers.

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Email Deliverability Best Practices Guide

Learn how to improve your email deliverability and what key steps you can take right now to make it to the inbox. Simply put, successful email deliverability is your message arriving in the inbox of the recipient as intended. Email deliverability failure is when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder or blocked by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). So, how do you make sure your email gets delivered? Luckily there are proven techniques to prevent failures and improve your email delivery rates for the long-term. This guide from SendGrid offers an overview of the steps most businesses need to take to maximize their email deliverability.

Be an Email Superhero: 8 Ways to Beat Your 2018 Email Goals Right Now

Sometimes being an email manager can feel like a thankless job. With tireless hoops to jump through (changing ISP filters, new email laws, troubleshooting engagement stats, etc.) it seems like you need superhero capabilities to get through it all! To help you be as successful as possible, SendGrid has compiled their most actionable resources from this year that will help you increase your engagement, fine-tune your email copy and design, and exceed your end of year email goals.

SendGrid’s 2018 Global Email Benchmark Report

Each year, SendGrid uses data from more than 50 billion emails from over 100,000 different senders to more than 2 billion different recipient addresses to create their Global Email Benchmark Report. This report is great for email program managers to use to create engagement benchmarks to compare your email program against and to set goals around beating those benchmarks.

Upgrade your RunMags account with a dedicated IP address

If you have read the SendGrid articles you now understand the importance of deliverability. While you will indeed get great deliverability with the 10,000 emails per month SendGrid service you get free of charge in RunMags, you may want to upgrade your SendGrid service and get a dedicated IP address as well as a large volume email per month.

With RunMags and SendGrid, you can purchase IP addresses dedicated to your account. An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique numerical address that defines a location and with a dedicated IP address you will be the only one sending email over this IP, rather than sharing an IP address with other publishers. The free service has one IP address being shared by several publishers and therefore your sender reputation associated with this IP is determined purely by the sending practices of all those publisers collectively.

If you are sending any significant amount of email, we typically suggest sending your marketing and transactional emails from separate IP addresses. In addition, it is strongly recommended to associate your sending domain with your new outbound IP address (provided to you by SendGrid). This is available at no extra cost and can be accomplished by completing an rDNS setup for your dedicated IP. We also suggest having at least 2 promotional IP addresses when your volume reaches 200-300K/month.

If your company sends both transactional and marketing email, one of the best ways you can improve your deliverability is to send your transactional email from a separate IP than your marketing email. Marketing messages are generally less engaged with than transactional messages. So if you send all your email from a single IP, you could be negatively impacting your sending reputation and ISPs may prevent your mail from being delivered. If your messages aren’t being delivered, there’s no way for recipients to engage with them!

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