The RunMags Community is on Slack

Our Community is on Slack so that we can work together, get feedback from each other, develop the RunMags API, and build stronger, more meaningful relationships in real-time.

To join us in Slack, send an email to and we’ll send you an invite to join our Slack team:
Already in the Community? Find it here.

Once an admin sends you an invite, you can download the Slack desktop app and sign in to stay on top of Community discussions.

How do I use Slack?

First, go ahead and download the Slack desktop app.

Once you sign in, you’ll already be included in a bunch of helpful channels, such as #general, #production, #marketing, #API.

Head into the #introduce-yourself channel and write a little somethin’ about yourself, your company, etc. You can chat with others, mention them using @ (just like on Twitter!), and even private message them to talk about projects you might want to collaborate on, issues you’re both trying to solve, etc.

Use the / command (just type in “/”) to see what other cool things you can do. You can use /mute to turn down the volume on channels you’re not as interested in, and desktop notifications will bring up things you want to hear about. You can change your notification settings here.